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World J Radiol. Sep 28, 2017; 9(9): 339-349
Published online Sep 28, 2017. doi: 10.4329/wjr.v9.i9.339
Table 2 Co-morbidities indicating renal profile checkup prior to contrast agent administration
Age extremesOlder than 60 yr and less than 5 yr
History of relevant renal disordersAnatomic variations: Solitary kidney and horse-shoe kidney
Renal surgeries
Renal endangering medications, e.g., NSAIDs and chemotherapy
Renal-induced nephropathy (prior)
History of prior renal dialysis
Renal malignancies
Nephropathy-associated chronic diseasesE.g., uncontrolled DM, hypertension and hyperuricemia
Drugs interfering with renal excretionsMetformin