Case Report
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World J Gastrointest Surg. Oct 27, 2017; 9(10): 209-213
Published online Oct 27, 2017. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v9.i10.209
Table 1 Clinical features of mesenteric vein thrombosis during pregnancy
CaseRef.YearAgeGestation (wk)Additional riskIntestinal resectionPregnancy outcome
1Van Way et al[7]19703312-YesND
2Graubard et al[8]19873014Oral contraceptives by mistakeYesND
3Engelhardt et al[9]198932ND-YesLive birth
4Foo et al[10]1996276-Artificial abortion
5Sönmezer et al[11]20043227Factor V Leiden mutationLive birth
6Terzhumanov et al[12]200533NDHemoglobinopathyYesMiscarriage
7Atakan et al[13]20093520Protein S deficiencyYesMaternal death
8Lin et al[14]20113134-YesLive birth
9García-Botella et al[15]2016297Antithrombin deficiencyYesLive birth
10Reiber et al[16]201630ND-YesLive birth
11Present case2017347Oral estrogen associated with IVF-ETYesArtificial abortion