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World J Gastrointest Surg. Oct 27, 2021; 13(10): 1110-1121
Published online Oct 27, 2021. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v13.i10.1110
Table 3 Summary of comparative studies: Study design
Ref.YearNumber of patients
MatchingStudy population
Belli et al[5]200954125No< 5 cm, anterolaterally located
Tranchart et al[6]20104242Yes
Lee et al[7]20113350YesMinor resection
Ahn et al[8]20145151YesSolitary
Memeo et al[9]20144545YesCirrhosis
Lee et al[10]20154386Yes
Yoon et al[11]201558174Yes< 5 cm
Xiao et al[12]20154186NoPosterosuperior
Sposito et al[13]20164343YesCirrhosisMinor resection
Cheung et al[14]20162429YesLeft lateral sectionectomy
Ryu et al[15]20184030NoAnatomical resection
Rhu et al[16]201858133YesRight posterior sectionectomy
Guro et al[17]201867110NoMajor hepatectomy
El-Gendi et al[18]20182525Randomized< 5 cmChild A
Inoue et al[19]201861175Yes< 5 cmParenchymal sparing hepatectomy
Kim et al[20]20183737YesLeft hepatectomy
Deng et al[21]2018157157Yes
Wu et al[22]20198686YesCirrhosis
Tsai et al[23]2019153160Yes
Di Sandro et al[24]20187575YesCirrhosisMinor hepatectomy
Li et al[25]201941307YesMesohepatectomy
Kim et al[26]20181836YesCentral
Chen et al[27]20193838YesRight hepatectomy
Untereiner et al[28]20193333Yes
Yoon et al[29]2020217434Yes
Peng et al[30]20193333YesMultiple
Yamamoto et al[31]202058197YesCirrhosis
Lee et al[32]202158110Yes
Navarro et al[33]2021106299YesMajor hepatectomy
Delvecchio et al[34]20213884YesElderlyMajor hepatectomy
Ho et al[35]20214590Yes