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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Jun 15, 2014; 6(6): 156-169
Published online Jun 15, 2014. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v6.i6.156
Table 1 Median survival (mo) in patients with unresectable metastatic colorectal cancer, according to whether primary tumor resection was performed or not
Ref.Study periodResection/No resectionNo.of patientsOS(mo)P value
Scoggins et al[82]1985-1997Resection6614.50.59
No resection2316.6
Tebbutt et al[34]1990-1999Resection280140.08
No resection828.2
Ruo et al[44]1996-1999Resection12716< 0.001
No resection1039
Michel et al[90]1996-1999Resection31210.718
No resection2314
Law et al[35]1996-1999Resection1507< 0.001
No resection303
Benoist et al[79]1997-2002Resection3223NS
No resection2722
Stelzner et al[45]1995-2001Resection12811.4< 0.0001
No resection584.6
Konyalian et al[36]1991-2002Resection6213< 0.0001
No resection475
Costi et al[91]1994-2003Resection839< 0.001
No resection474
Yun et al[37]1994-2004Resection28315.3< 0.001
No resection935.3
Kaufman et al[92]1998-2003Resection11522< 0.0001
No resection693
Galizia et al[38]1995-2005Resection4215.20.03
No resection2312.3
Evans et al[70]1999-2006Resection4511< 0.0001
No resection572
Bajwa et al[39]1999-2005Resection32140.005
No resection356
Mik et al[40]1996-2000Resection5221NS
No resection8214
Frago et al[93]2004-2008Resection1223.70.008
No resection434.4
Aslam et al[41]1998-2007Resection36614.5< 0.005
No resection2815.83
Chan et al[11]2000-2002Resection28614< 0.001
No resection1256
Seo et al[94]2001-2008Resection114220.076
No resection8314
Karoui et al[33]1998-2007Resection12830.70.031
No resection8521.9
Ferrand et al[22]1997-2001Resection15616.3< 0.0001
No resection609.5