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World J Gastrointest Endosc. Dec 16, 2018; 10(12): 400-421
Published online Dec 16, 2018. doi: 10.4253/wjge.v10.i12.400
Table 2 Studies characteristics
Median age; rangePatient totalStudy designVCE ModelDBE ModelPreparationInterval CE × DBENo. of patients with diagnoses of SBB by CE/total CE performedNo. of patients with diagnoses of SBB by DBE/total DBE performed
Fujimoto et al[28], 200764 (38-93)45 M: 25 F: 20Prospective studyPillcam (Given Imaging, Yoqneam, Israel).EN-450P5 DBE diagnostic model and/or the EN-450T5CE: 12 h fast + 1 L sodium sulfate/sodium bicarbonate DBE: 72 h after CE in 36 pct72 h18/45 Angiodysplasia: 6 Varices: 2 jejunal18/36
Hadithi et al[4], 200663.2 (19-86)35 M:22 F: 13Prospective blinded studyGiven M2A, Given Imaging Ltd., Yoqneam, IsraelFuji Photo Optical Incorporated Company Fujinon Inc., JapanCE: fast overnight after the ingestion of 1 L of sodium sulfate/sodium bicarbonate solution DBE: fast overnight after ingestion of 1 L clean prep. for the antegrade approach and bowel cleansing as for colonoscopy (4 L Klean prep)7 to 14 d21/35 AVM: 19 Fresh blood and clots: 528/35 AVM: 16 Fresh blood and clots: 2
Hermans et al[11], 201769 (18-91)146 M: 91 F: 55Retrospective observational study.Olympus VC (Olympus EndoCapsule; Tokyo, Japan) and Pillcam VC (Covidien plc, Dublin, Ireland)Fujinon Double-Balloon Enteroscopy System (Fujinon GMBH, Germany), EN-450T5CE: 2 L PEG in a single or split dose DBE: 1 L PEG divided into two doses to be used twice111 (1–1091) days105/134 Angiodysplasias: 70 active bleedings without visible focus : 3593/146 Angiodysplasias: 19
Holleran et al[37], 201354 (16-90)246 M: 130 F: 116Retrospective comparative studySB1 or SB2 pillcam (Given imaging, Yokneam, Israel)Fujinon double-balloon enteroscope (EN-450P5/20, Fujinon, Inc., Saitama, Japan)CE: No preparation was required other than an overnight fast. Anterograde DBE: overnight fast Retrograde DBE: PEG the day priorNR*40/46 Angiodysplasia: 10 Active bleeding: 3116/246 Angiodysplasias: 44
Kaffes et al[34], 200762 ± 1860Prospective cohort studyM2A; Given Imaging Ltd, Yoqneam, Israel)FujinonCE, DBE: fasting period of 8 h before the oral procedure and a bowel preparation with a sodium (Picoprep; Pharmatel, Thornleigh, Australia)NR*45/60 Angiectasia:28 Red spots: 9 Blood: 845/60 Angioectasia: 21 Red spots: 9 Blood: 8
Kalra, A et al[16], 201566.6 ± 13.2116 M:65 F: 51Retrospective reviewMedtronic, Duluth, GA, the United StatesFujifilm Medical System, Stanford, CT, the United StatesRetrograde DBE: bowel preparation the night before the procedure.1 yr/6929/69 AVM: 29
Kamalaporn et al[30], 200864.1 (34-83)195 M: 26 F:25Retrospective reviewGiven M2A CE system (Given Imaging Ltd, Israel)Fujinon DBE system (Fuji Photo Optical Incorporated Company, Fujinon Inc., Japan)CE: 2 to 4 L PEG and fasted overnight, at least 8 h before the procedure DBE: 4 L PEG and fasted overnight139 (40 to 335) d181/202 studies Angiodysplasia: 33 Bleeding: 2256/56 Angiodysplasia: 36 Bleeding: 9
Kameda et al[27], 200862.4 (27-84)32 M: 13 F: 19Prospective single-blind trialPill Cam capsule (M2A, Given Imaging, Yoqneam, Israel)DBE system (FujinonToshiba ES System, Saitama, Japan)CE: fasting after midnight on the evening before the examination (minimum 8 h) DBE: overnight fasting and ingestion of 1 l of electrolyte lavage preparation (Niflec, Ajinomoto Pharma, Tokyo, Japan) in the morning.1-7 d29/32 Angiodysplasia: 8 bleeding: 621/32 Angiodysplasia: 7 bleeding: 6
Li et al[35], 2010190Prospective studyM2A, Given Imaging, Ltd. (Yoqneam, Israel)Fujinon EN-450P5/ 20 and EN-450P5/28 (Fujinon Inc., Saitama, Japan)CE: 1 L of PEG electrolyte 12 h before the procedure Anterograde DBE: fasted for 8 h. Retrograde DBE: PEG electrolytes preparation 4 h before the examination5.8 d (1-18)165/190 AVM: 7 Fresh blood or clots: 834/51 AVM: 9 Bleeding: 0 Angioma: 4
Lin et al[40], 200763.5 ± 22.7 (11-87)10 M:3 F:7Prospective studyPill Cam SB capsule (Given Imaging, Yoqneam, Israel)DBE: EN- 450P5 and the EN-450T5CE: fast overnight for 8-12 h Anterograde DBE: fasting for 6-8 h Retrograde DBE: bowel cleansing as in a colonoscopy.7 d9/10 Angiodysplasias: 3 Bleeding: 38/10 Angiodysplasias: 3 Varices: 1 Dieulafoy’s lesion: 1
Maeda et al[32], 201070 (30-92)89 M: 48 F: 41Retrospective analysisPilCam SB® (SB1, SB2, or SB3) (Covidien, Irvine, CA, the United States).(EN-450 T5/W or EN-580 T, Fujinon Inc., Saitama, Japan)NR*24 h58/89 Angioectasia: 8 AVM : 3 Dieulafoy lesion: 9 Varices: 229/37 Angioectasia:8 AVM: 3 Dieulafoy lesion:6 Varice: 1
Marmo R et al[23], 200861.6 ± 16.2193 M: 119 F: 74Prospective studyPillcam SBFujinon Double-Balloon Enteroscopy SystemAnterograde DBE: fasting period of 8 h Retrograde DBE: 4 L PEG-based preparation2 wk175/193 Vascular lesions: 74 Blood or clot: 34132/193 Vascular lesions: 72
Tian Min et al[39], 201355.4 (23-78)62 M: 34 F:28Prospective studyPill Cam SB capsuleEN-450P5 and the EN-450T5 (Fujinon)CE: 2 L to 4 L PEG and fasted overnight Anterograde DBE: fasting for 6-8 h before the procedure. Retrograde DBE: bowel cleansing as in a colonoscopy.15 (4-60) d44/62 Angiodysplasia: 26 Bleeding: 2648/62 Angiodysplasia: 27 Bleeding: 30
Nakamura et al[29], 200658.5 (25 ± 85)32 M: 21 F: 11Prospective and blindedM2A, Given Imaging,Fuji EN−450 T5/20CE: fluid diet for 12 h and observed a fasting period starting at midnight Anterograde DBE: fasted for 12 h Retrograde DBE: clear liquid diet on the day before the examination and PEG electrolyte lavage solution on the morning of the examination48 h19/32 Angiodysplasias: 4 Red spots: 212/28 Angiodysplasias: 2 Red spots: 2
Rahmi et al[33], 201367 ± 11383 M: 114 F: 269Prospective, multicenter studyPillCam SB deviceEN-450P5 and EN-450T5; FujinonCE: residue-free diet 2 d before VCE ingestion; 2 L PEG solution the night before the examination; patients then fasted overnight Anterograde DBE: No bowel preparation Retrograde DBE: 4 L of a PEG solution was given the day before the procedure4.1 ± 6.3 mo266/383 Angiodysplasia: 266205/266 Angiodysplasia: 190
Chu et al[17], 201651.1 ± 17.1121 M: 60 F: 61Study CohortsOMOM capsule endoscopic device (Jinshan Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd, Chongqing, China)Fujinon EN-450P5/20CE: 2 L polyethylene glycol-based electrolyte solution 12 h prior to the test, followed by an overnight fast for bowel preparation fast Retrograde DBE: bowel preparation used for CE procedure the day before the examination1 wk115/121 Angiodysplasia: 86% Active bleeding: 629/46 Angiodysplasia: 9
Zhang et al[15], 201547.19 (16-78)88 M: 64 F: 24Prospective studyPill Cam SBFuji DBE systemCE: 3 liters of PEG (2 liters at 10:00 pm the night before the procedure, and 1 L with the simethicone at 4:00 am on the morning of the procedure) Anterograde DBE: fast for 6-8 h Retrograde DBE: 2 L of PEGNR53/88 MAV: 14 Hemangioma: 0 Diverticulum with a Bleeding: 152/88 MAV: 10 Hemangioma: 3 Diverticulum with a Bleeding: 7