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He is an ultimate laparoscopic surgeon. Especially in the field of single port laparoscopic surgery (SPLS). He has performed SPLS since the end of 2008. And till now he has experienced over 1,500 cases for various disease entities, from appendectomy to total proctocolectomy. There is no specific limitation or indication in SPLS. And he has performed somewhat unique and aggressive trial from March. 2009. It is the totally shifting to SPLS, there is no option for conventional laparoscopic surgery. There are only two options (open or SPLS) for surgical treatment modalities. Ultimatum for minimally invasiveness reaches to 5mm incision only appendectomy by using of pediatric laparoscopic instruments and 1.0cm incision only anterior resection for sigmoid colon cancer by adding of NOSE procedure. Last several years, he has been performing an absolutely and completely scar-less surgeries, one of these is a transanal laparoscopic pelvic and peritoneal surgery (TALPPS), the advanced form of surgery of Ta-TME. And today, his standard and routine operation modality is Single-port laparoscopic Solo surgery in almost of disease entities with the help of camera holder. He is also interested in NOTES and Single-port Robotic surgery, and developing of new surgical instruments and devices. ...   In Feb. 2017, he performed Transanal total proctocolectomy with IPAA for synchronous triple colorectal cancers without transabdominal assistance. It was a absolutely scarless surgery. It was the world first and still the unique case in this condition.