Systematic Reviews
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World J Hepatol. Feb 8, 2016; 8(4): 231-262
Published online Feb 8, 2016. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v8.i4.231
Table 1 Rates of portal hypertensive gastropathy in patients with portal hypertension
Ref.Analyzed patientsTotal numberNo. (%) with PHGNo. (%) with mild PHGNo. (%) with severe PHG
McCormack et al[3]Portal hypertension12765 (51%)37 (29%)28 (22%)
Sarin et al[5]Portal hypertension13610 (7%)
DeWeert et al[6]Non-alcoholic liver disease8123 (28%)Not reportedNot reported
McCormick et al[7]Portal hypertension93 endoscopies in 74 patients85 endoscopies (91%)6 (6%), moderate 61 (66%)18 (19%)
Sarin et al[8]Portal hypertension1074 (3.7%) (only cirrhotic)Not reportedNot reported
Parikh et al[9]Portal hypertension11871 (60%)41 (58%)30 (42%)
Sarin et al[10]Portal hypertension with prior variceal bleeding96786 (9%)56 (5.8%)30 (3.1%)
Itha et al[11]EHPVO in children163(12%)Not reportedNot reported
Rana et al[12]Portal hypertension4127 (66%)19 (46%)8 (20%)
El-Rifai et al[13]Portal hypertension2414 (58%)10 (42%) - moderate4 (16%)
Sogaard et al[14]Portal vein thrombosis6728 (42%)Not reportedNot reported
Figueiredo et al[15]Portal hypertension; cirrhosis3627 (75%)5 (46%)
Erden et al[16]Portal hypertension5715 (26.3%)Not reportedNot reported
Duché et al[17]Children, portal hypertension with biliary atresia12527 (21%)Not reportedNot reported
Aydoğan et al[18]Portal hypertension5130 (58%)Not reportedNot reported
dos Santos et al[19]Portal hypertension4322 (51%)Not reportedNot reported
Pantham et al[20]Esophageal varices undergoing TEE2412 (50%)Not reportedNot reported
Abdollahi et al[21]Autoimmune hepatitis6027 (45%)Not reportedNot reported
de Alcantara et al[22]Chronic liver disease vs EHPVO35 vs 187 (20%) vs 8 (44.4%)Not reportedNot reported
Aoyama et al[23]Portal hypertension11935 (29%)Not reportedNot reported