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World J Hepatol. May 27, 2019; 11(5): 464-476
Published online May 27, 2019. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v11.i5.464
Table 3 Summary of findings for the main comparison
OutcomesRelative effectParticipantsQuality of the evidenceComments
Variceal bleed in primary prevention (Grade I)RR 0.38250++−−Benefit for Carvedilol group
(0.15-0.93)(1 Study)low
Variceal bleed in primary prevention (Grade II)RR 0.92492+++−
(0.42-2.41)(3 Studies)moderate
All-cause mortality in primary preventionRR 1.10320++++
(0.76-1.58)(2 Studies)high
Bleeding-related mortality in primary preventionRR 1.02320++++
(0.34-3.10)(2 Studies)high
Side effect of treatment in primary preventionRR 4.18276+++−Benefit for EVL group
(2.19-7.95)(2 Studies)moderate
Compliance in primary preventionRR 0.90122+++−
(0.73-1.11)(2 Studies)low
Rebleeding events in secondary preventionRR 1.10230++−−
(0.75-1.61)(3 Studies)low
All-cause mortality in secondary preventionRR 0.51230++−−Benefit for Carvedilol group
(0.33-0.79)(3 Studies)low