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World J Hepatol. Aug 27, 2018; 10(8): 530-542
Published online Aug 27, 2018. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v10.i8.530
Figure 9
Figure 9 Examples of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging measurements in pediatric patients[87]. A-C: MRI images in a healthy child without evidence of liver disease. A: Conventional T2-weighted fast spin echo (A); B: MRE with normal hepatic shear stiffness of 2.22 kPa (B), and corrected T1 time of 879 ms (C); D, F: Corresponding images in a child with biopsy-confirmed primary sclerosing cholangitis. D: The T2-weighted fast spin echo image shows heterogeneously increased liver signal due to fibrosis that can be quantified using texture mapping; E: MRE image shows an increased hepatic shear stiffness of 3.96 kPa; F: The corrected T1 time was increased to 1048 ms, likely due to a combination of fibrosis and inflammation.