Basic Study
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World J Stem Cells. Mar 26, 2019; 11(3): 196-211
Published online Mar 26, 2019. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v11.i3.196
Figure 5
Figure 5 Effects of stromal cell-derived factor-1/C-X-C chemokine receptor type 4 axis on chondrogenesis differentiation of nucleus pulposus-derived stem cells in vitro. A and B: Western blot (A) and real-time RT-PCR (B) showed that stromal cell-derived factor-1α upregulated the expression of chondrocyte phenotypes such as aggrecan, collagen II, and Sox-9 in a dose-dependent manner. However, the upregulated expression of aggrecan and collagen II was suppressed by AMD3100. Data are presented as the mean ± SD, n = 3, aP < 0.05, bP < 0.01. SDF-1: Stromal cell-derived factor-1; Sox-9: SRY-related high mobility group box gene 9.