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World J Gastroenterol. Dec 15, 1999; 5(6): 477-482
Published online Dec 15, 1999. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v5.i6.477
Figure 5
Figure 5 Effects of irsogladine and rebamipide on ga stric mucosal lesions induced by NH4OH in anesthetized rat stomachs under ischemic conditions. The stomach mounted on an ex-vivo chamber was subjected to ischemia by bleeding from the carotid artery (1 mL/100 g body weight), and then exposed to NH4OH (120 mM) for 1 h thereafter. Irsogladine (3 mg/kg) or rebamipide (100 mg/kg)- was applied to the chamber 20 min before the onset of ischemia and NH4OH treatment. Indomethacin (5 mg/kg, sc ) or L-NAME ( 10 mg/kg, iv ) was given 30 or 10 min before the above agents. Data are presented as the mean ± SE from 4-6 rats. Sta tistically significant difference at P < 0.05; *from control;#f rom vehicle.