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World J Gastroenterol. Dec 15, 1999; 5(6): 461-464
Published online Dec 15, 1999. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v5.i6.461
Table 5 Calcium effects on colonic cell proliferation, differentiati on and cytotoxicity of fecal water in human subjects
In vivoReferences*
Decreased hyperproliferationLipkin et al[28] 1985
Decreased hyperproliferationLipkin et al 1989
Decreased hyperproliferationRozen et al 1989
Decreased proliferationLynch et al 1991
Decreased proliferationBerger et al 1991
Decreased proliferationWargovich et al 1992
Decreased proliferationBarsoum et al 1992
Decreased proliferationO’Sullivan et al 1993
Decreased proliferationBostick et al 1995
Unchanged proliferationGregoire et al 1989
Unchanged proliferationCats et al 1995
Decreased ODCLans et al[29] 1991
Normalized differentiation-associated lectin bindingYang et al[30] 1991
Decreased cytotoxicity of fecal waterGovers et al[31] 1996
Increased maturation of colonic epithelial cellsHolt et al[43] 1998
Decreased adenoma recurrenceBaron et al[32] 1999