Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. Sep 14, 2022; 28(34): 5076-5085
Published online Sep 14, 2022. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v28.i34.5076
Table 2 Clinical features and immunosuppression regimen of 16 transplant patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumor
Age (yr)/sex
Transplanted organ
Time from transplantation to diagnosis
Location of primitive GIST
Metastasis at diagnosis
Immunosuppression before diagnosis
Immunosuppression after diagnosis
Agaimy and Wünsch[11]59/FKidney40 moStomachNoRelapse 68 moNot describedNot described
Agaimy and Wünsch[11]58/FKidney96 moSmall bowelNoNot describedNot describedNot described
Saidi et al[19]54/MLiver11 moColonNoNot describedTac, AzaNot described
Camargo et al[22]64/MLiver7 moPerineumNoNot describedTac, mycophenolate sodiumNot described
Tu et al[18]57/FKidney6 moPelvisNoNot describedSteroids, CsA, MMFCsA and MMF at half dosage; rapamycin-containing regimensteroids withdrawn
Mulder et al[12]72/MKidney21 yrStomachNoPeritoneal metastasis/24 moSteroids, CsASteroids, CsA (60% reduction in dosage)
Mrzljak et al[20]53/MLiver12 moJejunumNoNoTac, MMFSame
Cimen et al[13]46/FKidney18 yrStomachNoNot describedSteroids, CsA, AzaSame with reduced dosage of CsA
Cheung et al[14]64/MKidney2 yrStomachNoYes/2 yrSteroids, Tac, MMFSteroids, Tac (reduced dosage), everolimus
Cheung et al[14]48/MKidney1 yrMesenteryMultiple tumorsNoCsA, MMFCsA withdrawal, sirolimus introduction
Patiño et al[15]23/FKidney13 yrStomachNoLocal relapse/3 yrSteroids, Tac, MMFNot described
Xie et al[21]60/MLiver11 moStomachNoNoTac, sirolimus, MMFSame
Elkabets et al[17]74/MKidney7 yrStomachNoNoSteroids, CsA, MMFSwitch CsA to mTOR inhibitor
Takahashi et al[16]64/MKidney72 moSmall bowelNoNoSteroids, CsA, MMFStop CsA
Stammler et al60/MKidney5 moStomachNoNoSteroids, Tac, MMFSwitch MMF to belatacept
Stammler et al64/MKidney51 moStomachNoYes/23 moSteroids, CsA, MMFSwitch CsA to Tac