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World J Gastroenterol. Jun 7, 2020; 26(21): 2702-2714
Published online Jun 7, 2020. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v26.i21.2702
Table 1 Reported REG expressions in inflammatory bowel disease patients
Ref.REGsSamples (size)Relevant findings
Lawrance et al[38], 2001REG1α/1β/3αCD (6) UC (6) control (6)Increased intestinal REG1α/1β/3α in IBD detected by microarray
Shinozaki et al[39], 2001REG1αCD (9) UC (21) control (5 non-IBD, 6 normal)Increased intestinal REG1α in IBD detected by RT-PCR and ISH
Desjeux et al[40], 2002REG3αCD (124) normal control (54)Increased serum REG3α in active CD detected by ELISA
Dieckgraefe et al[41], 2002REG1α/1β/3γCD (3) UC (5) control (4)Increased intestinal REG1α/1β/3γ in IBD detected by microarray and IHC
Ogawa et al[12], 2003REG3αCD (20) UC (23) control (18)Increased intestinal REG3α in IBD detected by ISH and Northern blot
Kämäräinen et al[42], 2003REG4CD (N/A) UC (N/A)By ISH and IHC, REG4 constitutively expressed in neuroendocrine cells, and upregulated in inflamed epithelial cells
Gironella et al[43], 2005REG3αIBD (171) control (14 non-IBD, 29 normal)Increased serum REG3α correlated with IBD severity detected by ELISA. Higher REG3α in CD than UC. REG3α localized to colonic Paneth cells
Wu et al[44], 2007REG1β/REG3αCD (9) UC (5) control (4)Increased intestinal REG1β in CD and REG3α in CD and UC detected by microarray
Nanakin et al[45], 2007REG4UC (22) normal control (5)Increased intestinal REG4 in UC detected by RT-PCR, ISH and IHC
Sekikawa et al[46], 2010REG1αUC (60) control (10)Increased intestinal REG1α in UC detected by RT-PCR and IHC
Tanaka et al[47], 2011REG1αUC (31) control (5)Increased intestinal REG1α in UC detected by IHC
Granlund et al[14], 2011REG1α/1β/3α/4CD/control (12/21) UC/control (32/34)Increased intestinal REG1α/1β/3α/4 in IBD detected by microarray. Different cellular localizations of REG1α and REG4 detected by IHC
van Beelen Granlund et al[48], 2013REG1α/1β/3α/4CD (N/A) UC (N/A)By ISH, REG1α/1β/3α localized to Paneth cells in the crypt base, REG4 localized to enteroendocrine cells towards the luminal face
Planell et al[49], 2013REG1α/4Microarray: UC (15 active/8 remissive), Non-IBD (13); RT-PCR: UC (8 active/12 remissive), non-IBD (10)Comparably increased intestinal REG4 in active and remissive UC, and significantly increased REG1α in active UC but not in remissive UC, detected by microarray and RT-PCR
Marafini et al[50], 2014REG3αCD (72) UC (22)Infliximab treatment decreased the high serum REG3α in CD and UC
Nunes et al[51], 2014REG3αCD (66) UC (74)Increased serum REG3α serum in active CD but not UC detected by ELISA
Tsuchida et al[52], 2017REG1α/1β/3α/4CD (49) UC (39) control (44)Increased intestinal REG1α/1β/4 in CD, and REG4 in UC detected by RT-PCR