Systematic Reviews
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World J Gastroenterol. Jul 14, 2019; 25(26): 3438-3449
Published online Jul 14, 2019. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v25.i26.3438
Table 1 Summary of included studies
AuthorYearNumber of patientsEsophageal tumor locationEsophageal tumor histologySecond primary tumor locationSecond primary tumor histology
Kato et al[26]199471Upper (n = 4),N/AStomach (n = 71)Adenocarcinoma
Middle (n = 46),
Lower (n = 21)
Isohata et al[24]20081Double tumor (lower and middle)AdenocarcinomaStomachAdenocarcinoma
Songping et al[40]20131MiddleSCCStomachAdenocarcinoma
Kanda et al[42]20111MiddleSCCStomachAdenocarcinoma
Zhou et al[41]20131LowerSCCStomachAdenocarcinoma and GIST
I H et al[38]20134Middle (n = 3),SCCStomachAdenocarcinoma
Lower (n = 1)
Chan et al[36]20135Proximal (n = 1),SCC (n = 1),StomachGIST
Middle (n = 1),
Adenocarcinoma (n = 4)
Lower (n = 3)
Fukaya et al[37]20141MiddleSCCStomach and Ampulla of VaterAdenocarcinoma and small cell carcinoma
Mafune et al[31]19951LowerSCCAmpulla of VaterAdenocarcinoma
Kurosaki et al[29]20001MiddleSCCPancreatic HeadAdenocarcinoma
Jayaprakash et al[25]20091GEJAdenocarcinomaAmpulla of VaterAdenocarcinoma
Kim et al[27]20111LowerAdenocarcinomaPancreatic HeadAdenocarcinoma
Gyorki et al[22]20111MiddleAdenocarcinomaPancreatic HeadNeuroendocrine carcinoma
Fekete et al[21]199412N/ASCCLungN/A
Lindeman et al[30]20071MiddleSCCLungSCC
Ishii et al[23]20082Middle (n = 1),SCCLungAdenocarcinoma
Lower (n = 1)
Wang et al[39]20123Middle (n = 1),SCCLungSCC (n = 1), Adenocarcinoma (n = 2)
Lower (n = 2)
Motoori et al[32]20011MiddleSCCRectumAdenocarcinoma
Akiyama et al[35]20151MiddleSCCColon & LiverAdenocarcinoma and HCC
Kobayashi et al[28]20002Middle (n = 1),SCCKidneyClear cell carcinoma
Lower (n = 1)
Liano et al[20]20071LowerSCCKidneyClear cell carcinoma
De Hingh et al[19]20071N/AAdenocarcinomaKidneyRenal cell carcinoma
Vilcea et al[34]20101MiddleSCCKidneyUrothelial
Nagahama et al[33]19962Middle (n = 2)SCCLiverHCC