Retrospective Cohort Study
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World J Gastroenterol. Nov 7, 2018; 24(41): 4698-4707
Published online Nov 7, 2018. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v24.i41.4698
Table 3 Histopathologic tumour characteristics of all patients with T1b oesophageal adenocarcinoma on endoscopic mucosal resection who underwent surgery - comparison of endoscopic and surgical resection specimens’ pathology report
CaseEndoscopic resection specimenSurgical resection specimenNote
1Sm1, G3, LVI-, R1T1a, LVI-, R0/
2Sm1, G3, LVI-, R1T1b Sm1, G3, R0/
3SmX, G2, LVI-, R1T1b, G3, LVI-, R0/
4Sm2/3, G3, LVI-, R1No residual cancerLGD in surgical margin
5Sm1, G2, LVI-, R1No residual cancerHGD in surgical margin
6Sm1, G3, LVI-, R1T1b, G2, R0/
7Sm2/3, G3, LVI+, R1T1a, G3, R0Positive for LNM (2/16)
8Sm2/3, G2, LVI-, R1No residual cancerLGD in surgical margin
9Sm2/3, G3, LVI-, R1No residual cancer/
10Sm2/3, G3, LVI-, R1T1a, G3, LVI+, R0/
11Sm2/3, G3, LVIX, R1T1b, G2, R0Positive for LNM (3/12)
12Sm2/3, G3, LVI+, R1T2, G3, R1R1, negative for LNM (16), preop EUS T1b
13Sm2/3, G2, LVI+, R1No residual cancer/
14Sm1, G3, LVI+, R1T1b, G1, LVI-, R0/
15SmX, G3, LVI+, R1T1b, G3, R0Positive for LNM (1/23)
16Sm2/3, G3, LVI+, R1No residual cancer/
17Sm1, G3, LVIX, R1T2, R0Preop EUS T1 stage
18SmX, G3, LVI+, R1T3, G3, R0Positive for LNM (3/78), preop EUS T1b
19Sm2/3, G3, LVI-, R1T1a, G3, R0/
20Sm2/3, G2, LVI-, R1T1, R0/
21SmX, G3, LVI-, R1No residual cancer/
22Sm1, G2, LVI-, R0No residual cancerLR tumour, HGD in surgical margin