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World J Gastroenterol. Feb 21, 2016; 22(7): 2256-2270
Published online Feb 21, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i7.2256
Table 1 Pancreatic fluid collection
CasesProcedure usedDevice usedClinical success ratesTechnical success ratesComplications
Pancreatic pseudocysts
Hookey et al[35], 2006116Conventional Transmural drainageStents88%88%11% complication rate
Antillon et al[40], 200633EUS-Guided Transmural drainageDouble-pigtail Stent94%82%2 major complications and 3 minor complications
Azar et al[44], 200623EUS-Guided Transmural drainageDouble-pigtail Stent91%91%
Lopes et al[46], 200751EUS-guided Transmural drainageStraight/Double-pigtail Stent94%94%17.7% stent migration, stent obstruction
Barthet et al[45], 200850EUS-guided Transmural drainageDouble-pigtail Stent/Straight Polyethylene90%98%18% morbidity, 5 superinfections
Talreja et al[56], 200818EUS-guided drainageCovered self-expanding metal stent95%78%Superinfection (5), bleeding (2), and inner migration (1).
Berzosa et al[57], 20127Single-step endoscopic ultrasonography-guided drainageSingle-self expandable metal stent100%83%
Fabbri et al[95], 201222EUS-guided drainageCovered self-expanding metal stent77%77%
Penn et al[52], 201220EUS-guided drainageFully covered self-expandable metallic stents70%70%Pseudocyst infection (2), post transmural drainage fever and post-ERCP pancreatitis(1)
Itoi et al[60], 201215EUS-guided drainageNovel lumen-apposing, self-expandable metal stent (Axios)100%100%
Weilert et al[53], 201218EUS-guided drainageFully covered self-expanding metal stent78%78%
Varadarajulu et al[19], 201320Endoscopic CystogastrostomyPlastic stents95%90%
Sarkaria et al[97], 201417EUS-guided drainageFully covered esophageal self-expandable metallic stents88%88%Perforation during tract dilation (1)
Shah et al[61], 201533EUS-guided drainageLumen-apposing, covered, self-expanding metal stent; Axios91%93%Abdominal pain (n = 3), spontaneous stent migration, back pain (n = 1), access-site infection, and stent dislodgement (n = 1)
Walter et al[63], 201561EUS-guided drainageAxios93%98%stent migration (n = 3), stent dislodgement during necrosectomy (n = 3), stent removal during surgery (n = 2), or refusal by the patient (n = 2)
Mukai et al[99], 20152EUS-guided drainage/ Direct endoscopic necrosectomynovel flared-type biflangedmetal stent100%100%There was 1 psuedocyst recurrence in cystogramy
Rinninella et al[64], 201518EUS-guided drainageLumen-apposing, self-expanding metal stent (Axios)100%
Sharaiha et al[59], 2015230EUS-guided transmural drainage118 DP plastic stents/112 FCSEMS75%-90%< 90%
Walled-off Necrosis
Seewald et al[89], 200513Direct endoscopic necrosectomyDouble-pigtail stent91%91%Minor bleeding after balloon dilation, Necrosectomy (4)
Charnley et al[92], 200613Direct endoscopic necrosectomyDouble-pigtail stents92.3%92.3%
Voermans et al[90], 200725Direct endoscopic necrosectomyDouble-pigtail stents93%93%Surgery(2), Hemorrhage (1), perforation of cyst wall (1)
Papachristou et al[88], 200753Direct endoscopic necrosectomyDouble-pigtail stents81%81%Twelve patients (23%) required open operative intervention a median of 47 d (range, 5–540) after initial endoscopic drainage/debridement, due to persistence of WOPN (n = 3), recurrence of a fluid collection (n = 2), cutaneous fistula formation (n = 2), or technical failure, persistence of pancreatic pain, colonic obstruction, perforation, and flank abscess (n = 1 each)
Escourrou et al[91], 200813Direct endoscopic necrosectomyDouble-pigtail stents100%100%bleeding (n = 3), transient aggravation of sepsis (n = 3)
Seifert et al[93], 200993Transmural endoscopic necresectomyMultiple Stents80%80%Bleeding (13), Perforations of the necrosis (5), fistula formation (2), air embolism (2), complications at other organs (2)
Gardner et al[102], 20094525 used direct endoscopic neserectomy and 20 used conventional standard endoscopic drainageMultiple Stents45%88% for DEN and 45% for Standard endoscopy drainage
Gardner et al[94], 2011104Direct endoscopic necrosectomyMultiple Stents91%91%14%; included 5 retrogastric perforations/pneumoperitoneum
Attam et al[98], 201410endoscopic transluminal necrosectomy and transmural drainNovel large-bore, fully covered metal through-the-scope esophageal stent90%100%
Smoczyński et al[100], 2014112Endoscopic drainageMultiple Stents84%93%Stoma bleeding (19), GI Perforation (4), collection perforation (2), sepsis (1), stent migration (3)
Sarkaria et al[97], 201417EUS-guided drainageFully covered esophageal self-expandable metallic stents83%83%
Mukai et al[99], 201519EUS-guided drainage and DEN for PFCs using the novel flared-type BFMSnovel flared-type biflangedmetal stent100%100%
Rinninella et al[64], 201552EUS guidance FCSEMS/LACSEMSAxios Stent90.4%100%3 patients required surgery due to infection/1 patient had a perforated wall
Walter et al[63], 201546EUS guided drainageAxios Stent81%81%9%