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World J Gastroenterol. May 28, 2016; 22(20): 4812-4823
Published online May 28, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i20.4812
Table 3 Ongoing trials Identifier
HELOISEHER2(+) Met GC and GEJ1stTrastuzumabNCT01450696
Phase III
JACOBHER2(+) Met GC and GEJ1stPertuzumabNCT01774786
Phase III
RAINFALLHER2(-) Met GC and GEJ1stRamucirumabNCT02314117
Phase III
OlaparibAdv GC and GEJ2ndOlaparibNCT01924533
Phase III
Immune checkpoints
KEYNOTE-059Adv GC and GEJPembrolizumabNCT02335411
Phase II
KEYNOTE-061Adv GC and GEJ2ndPembrolizumabNCT02370498
Phase III
KEYNOTE-062Adv GC and GEJ1stPembrolizumabNCT02494583
Phase III
MEDI4736Advanced solid tumorsMEDI4736NCT01693562
Phase I/II
JAVELIN Gastric 100Adv/Met GC and GEJ1stAvelumabNCT02625610
Phase III
JAVELIN Gastric 300Met/recurrent GC and GEJ3rdAvelumabNCT02625623
Phase III
Phase I/IIMet/recurrent GC and GEJMEDI4736 + Tremelimumab vs MEDI4736 vs TremelimumabNCT02340975
Phase I/IIAdvanced solid tumorsNivolumab +/- IpilimumabNCT01928394