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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 7, 2015; 21(37): 10584-10597
Published online Oct 7, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i37.10584
Table 3 Genes epigenetically suppressed in hepatocellular carcinoma through promoter hypermethylation
Symbol (location)Biological functionExpressionnRelevant clinical factorsFunctional analysesInteracting moleculesIn vivoRef.
CLDN3 (7q11.23)Integral membrane protein and a component of tight junction strandsmRNA, IHC114OSMotility, invasion, tumor formationWnt, EMT, β-cateninYes99
DENND2D (1p13.3)Membrane trafficking protein regulating Rab GTPasesmRNA, IHC92OS, RFS---100
DPT (1q12-q23)Cell-matrix interactions and matrix assemblymRNA, IHC, WB202OS, RFS, AFP, vascular invasion, differentiationMigration, metastasisRhoA, FAK, c-SRC, α3β1 integrinYes98
DPYSL3 (5q32)Cell-adhesion factor involved in the metastatic process of tumor cellsmRNA, IHC151OS, RFS, AFP, PIVKAII, gender, vascular invasion, serosal invasionMigration, invasionVEGF, FAK-105
EFEMP1 (2p16)Extracellular matrix glycoproteinsmRNA48OS, liver damage, AFP---103
FBLN1 (22q13)Secreted fibrillar extracellular matrix proteinmRNA, IHC, WB48number, size, stage---96
MEG3 (14q32)UnknownmRNA72OS, RFS, tumor size and Edmondson gradeProliferation, apoptosisp53, UHRF1Yes102
MT1G (16q13)Preserve the homeostasis of metalsmRNA48none---11
PDSS2 (6q16.3-21)Synthesis of coenzyme Q10mRNA, IHC151OS, RFS, AFP, vascular invasion, differentiation, serosal invasion, stage-HNF4a, CDX2-101
RELN (7q22)Secreted extracellular matrix proteinmRNA48RFS---104
TIF1γ (7p22.1)UnknownIHC, WB204OS, RFS, stageInvasion, metastasisTGF-β/Smad-97
TUSC1 (9p21.2)UnknownmRNA, IHC94OS, stage---106