Systematic Reviews
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World J Gastroenterol. Apr 14, 2015; 21(14): 4323-4333
Published online Apr 14, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i14.4323
Table 2 Additional characteristics of patients and methodology in the included studies
Ref.Country/areaPC/CP, nPC referenceCross-sectional designConsecutive or Random samplingBlinded designProspective design
Wang et al[21], 1986Taiwan24/34His or CytNoYesNoYes
Safi et al[22], 1987Germany87/104HisYesYesNoYes
Sakamoto et al[23], 1987Japan30/27HisNoYesNoYes
Friess et al[24], 1993Germany59/95HisYesYesNoYes
Röthlin et al[25], 1993Switzerland68/29HisNoYesNoYes
Haglund et al[26], 1994Finland179/20HisNoYesNoYes
Kuno et al[27], 1994Japan47/70HisYesYesNoYes
Pasquali et al[28], 1994Italy58/45HisNoNoNRYes
Satake et al[29], 1994Japan641/300HisYesYesNoYes
Hámori et al[30], 1997Hungary62/32HisNoYesNoYes
Safi et al[31], 1997Germany347/300His or BioYesYesNoYes
Hayakawa et al[32], 1999Japan27/49His (Bio, Aut)NoYesNoYes
Kim et al[33], 1999Korea90/70HisYesYesNoYes
Manes et al[34], 1999Italy34/24His or CytYesYesNoYes
Slesak et al[35], 2000Poland48/74HisNoYesNoYes
Maire et al[36], 2002France47/31His or CytNoYesNoYes
Akashi et al[37], 2003Japan20/26His or AutNoYesNoYes
Mu et al[38], 2003China9/15His or CytNoYesNoYes
Cwik et al[39], 2004Lublin98/52HisNRYesNRYes
Jiang et al[40], 2004China96/52HisYesYesNoYes
Ventrucci et al[41], 2004Italy60/21HisYesYesNoYes
Teich et al[42], 2005Germany30/16HisNoNoNoYes
Chang et al[43], 2007Taiwan72/39HisYesYesNoYes
New York, United States28/34HisNoYesNRYes
Kuhlmann et al[44], 2007China112/38HisNoYesNoYes
Liao et al[45], 2007India34/50His or BioYesYesNoYes
Bedi et al[46], 2009United States75/32His or CytYesYesNoYes
Firpo et al[47], 2009United Kingdom73/115HisYesYesNoYes
Liao et al[48], 2009Poland85/72HisYesYesNoYes
Morris-Stiff et al[49], 2009Spain47/55HisYesYesNoYes
Talar-Wojnarowska et al[50], 2010Korea55/23HisYesYesNoYes
Zapico-Muñiz et al[51], 2010New York, United States234/50His or CytYesYesNoYes
Chung et al[52], 2011Germany91/23HisNoYesNoYes