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World J Gastroenterol. Mar 14, 2015; 21(10): 3072-3084
Published online Mar 14, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i10.3072
Table 2 Characteristics of studies included in the meta-analysis
TrialType of IBSCriteriaAge (yr)
Sex (Male/Female)
ProbioticProbiotic dosageDuration of treatmentFollow-upOutcome
Kajander et al[33]All typesRome II50462/414/39Lactobacillusrhamnosus GG1 × 107 CFU20 wk3 wk↑ Stabilization of intestinal microbiota
L. rhamnosus Lc705↓ Distension and abdominal pain in probiotic group
Propionibacteriumfreudenreichiissp. shermanii JS↓ IBS symptoms
Bifidobacteriumanimalisssp. lactis Bb-12
Williams et al[32]All typesRome II40383/258/20L. acidophilus CUL602.5 × 1010 CFU8 wk2 wk↑ QoL
L. acidophilus CUL21↓ Symptom severity, bloating not improved
B. lactis CUL34,
B. bifidum CUL20
Zeng et al[39]D-IBSRome II44.645.810/49/6Streptococcusthermophilus1 × 108 CFU4 wk-Mucosal barrier function and bowel symptoms improved
L. bulgaricus1 × 107 CFU↓ Small bowel permeability
L. acidophilus
B. longum
Enck et al[35]All typesICHPPC and WONCA49.849.476/7275/75Escherichia coli (Symbioflor 2)1.5-4.5 ×107 CFU8 wkND↓ Typical symptoms of IBS patients
Drouault-Holowacz et al[37]All typesRome II47448/4016/36B. longum LA1011 × 1010 CFU4 wk-↑ QoL
L. acidophilus LA102↓ Flatulence
Lactococcusl actis LA103↓ Abdominal pain and bloating
S. thermophilus LA104
Sinn et al[42]All typesRome III41.947.56/148/12L. acidophilus SDC 2012, 20132 × 109 CFU4 wk-↓ IBS symptoms, abdominal pain and discomfort
Enck et al[36]All typesICHPPC and WONCA49.849.477/7273/75E. coli and Enterococcusfaecalis (Pro Symbioflor)3-9 × 107 CFU8 wk-↓ 50% global symptom score and abdominal pain score
Simrén et al[40]All typesRome II424411/2611/26L. paracasei F195 × 107 CFU8 wk8 wkImprovement in both groups in pain frequency, pain and bloating severity, satisfaction with bowel habits, and interference with daily life
L. acidophilus La5
B. lactis Bb-12
Sondergaard et al[43]NDRome II53.948.57/206/19L. paracasei F195 × 107 CFU8 wk8 wkSymptom relief in both groups;no difference between probiotics and placebo
L. acidophilus La5(500 mL)
B. lactis Bb-12
Guglielmetti et al[44]All typesRome III36.6540.9821/4119/41B. bifidum MIMBb751 × 109 CFU4 wk4 wk↓ IBS symptoms like: pain, discomfort distension, bloating, digestive disorders
↑ QoL
Ducrotté et al[45]D-IBS (in majority of patients)Rome III36.5338.470/3881/25L. plantarum 299v1 × 1010 CFU4 wk3 wk↓ Abdominal pain and bloating
Kruis et al[34]D-IBSRome II46.345.112/4816/44E. coli (Nissle 1917)2.5-25 × 109 CFU12 wk-No significant effects of probiotics in general symptoms, but enteric flora altered due to gastroenterocolitis or administration of antibiotics before IBS initiation
Ki Cha et al[38]D-IBSRome III37.940.312/1314/11L. acidophilus1 × 1010 CFU8 wk2 wk↑ QoL
L. plantarum
L. rhamnosus
B. breve
B. lactis
B. longum
S. thermophilus
Dapoigny et al[46]All typesRome III46.148.85/2010/15L. caseirhamnosus (LCR 35)6 × 108 CFU4 wk2 wk↓ IBS patients complaining of diarrhea
(250 mg)↓ 50% reduction in IBS severity score in probiotic arm
Roberts et al[41]C-IBS, A-IBSRome III44.6643.7114/7414/77B. lactis CNCMI-24941.25 × 1010 CFU12 wk-Significant improvement in IBS symptoms in both groups