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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 21, 2011; 17(3): 379-384
Published online Jan 21, 2011. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v17.i3.379
Table 1 Clinical data of study patients with necrotizing stercoral colitis
No.Age (yr)/sexsBPBTHxCorPSWBCTIFePeOperation findingsPathologyOutcome
176/M18338.4+DM, HTN-22.2k/895’30’’RSNoIschemic change from sigmoid to rectum with necrotic mucosaIschemia necrosis with mucosal sloughingAlive
286/M13034.4+CAD-45.6k/722’30”SSNecrosis of descending and sigmoid colon with a 2-cm perforationPerforating ulcer with transmural necrosisDead, 1 d after CT
379/F14736.1+DM-15.3k/767 dDDNecrosis of nearly entire colon, with a 1.7-cm perforationMucosal ulcer with perforationDead, 19 d after CT
487/M15835.6+HTN+14.4k/904’40”RSSA 2-cm perforator 2 cm proximal to the recto-sigmoid colon cancerTransmural necrosis with a 2.1 cm perforatorAlive
580/F12033.6+HTN-3.6k/6724’30”SSNearly entire colon necrosis with a 5-cm × 3-cm perforator at sigmoid colonUlcerative hole with transmural necrosis at sigmoid colonDead, 5 d after CT
670/F14536.4+DM-13.3k/8015’40”RSNoNecrosis of distal ileum and entire colonTransmural necrosis of bowel wallDead, 47 d after CT
788/F8135.0+--4k/383’RSS2 small perforators at proximal sigmoid colonGangrenous change with transmural necrosis of sigmoid colonDead, 8 d after CT
839/M6438.0NAESRD+9.9k/7926’RSNoIschemic patches over sigmoid colon with impending perforationIschemic and gangrenous change of the sigmoid coonDead, 3 d after CT
983/M15837.0NAARDS, HF HTN, COPD-17k/9311’RSNoIschemic change of small bowel and sigmoid colonTransmural necrosis of sigmoid colon and mucosal necrosis of small bowelDead, 11 d after CT
1083/M6435.3+CAD, HTN-46k/8310’RSNoPatch necrosis of the T and D colonGangrenous change of the T and D colonAlive