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World J Gastroenterol. May 14, 2011; 17(18): 2288-2301
Published online May 14, 2011. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v17.i18.2288
Table 6 Anti-inflammatory/antifibrotic effects of silybin[79-99]
From 5 to 50 μmol/LHepatocytesInhibition of NF-κB-mediated signaling
Mean: 15 μmol/LEndothelial cellsSuppression of IκBα phosphorylation
PlateletsInhibition of protein kinase kinase
Cancer cellsInhibition of c-jun N-terminal kinase
PhagocytesInhibition of leukotriene formation
Stellate cellsInhibition of release of cytochrome c
HepG2Inhibition of ERK, MEK, and Raf phosphorylation; inhibition of release of caspase 9 and 3, IL-8, and of PDGF- and TGF-β-mediated signaling; decrease of MMP2; increase of TIMP2; inhibition of HCV replication