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World J Gastroenterol. Nov 28, 2010; 16(44): 5621-5628
Published online Nov 28, 2010. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v16.i44.5621
Table 2 Quality assessment of trials included in this study
Author and year of publication (citation)RandomizationAllocation concealmentBlindWithdrawal and dropoutJadad score
Schuhmacher et al[18], 2009Without detailsWithout detailsWithout detailsWell reported4
Boige et al[19], 2007Without detailsWithout detailsWithout detailsWell reported4
Cunningham et al[20], 2006Well reportedEnvelopeDouble-blindWell reported7
Hartgrink et al[21], 2004Well reportedEnvelopeNoWell reported5
Nio et al[22], 2004InappropriateNoneNoWell reported1
Zhang et al[23], 2004Without detailsNoneNoWell reported2
Kobayashi et al[24], 2000Well reportedEnvelopeNoWell reported5
Wang et al[25], 2000Without detailsWithout detailsNoWell reported3
Takiguchi et al[26], 2000Without detailsNoneNoWell reported2
Lygidakis et al[27], 1999InappropriateWithout detailsNoWell reported2
Kang et al[28], 1996Without detailsWithout detailsNoWell reported3
Masuyama et al[29], 1994InappropriateNoneNoWell reported1
Yonemura et al[30], 1993Well reportedEnvelopeNoWell reported5
Nishioka et al[31], 1982InappropriateNoneNoWell reported1