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World J Gastroenterol. May 28, 2010; 16(20): 2484-2495
Published online May 28, 2010. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v16.i20.2484
Table 1 Details of patients’ data
Case No.SexAge (yr)Type of diseaseAnal lesion
Disease durationPrevious segmental resectionInitial onset or relapseHospitalization
FistulaTagOn admission
Main medicationDuration of SVD (d)On discharge
CDAICRP (mg/dL)CDAICRP (mg/dL)Morphology
1F52C--< 1 mo-I1610.6Sulfasalazine58250.9Active (CS)
2M22C++4 yr and 3 mo+R2643.1Infliximab55620NT
3F21EC+-5 yr and 8 mo-R1336.3Infliximab48380NT
4M22EC+-5 yr and 3 mo-R6795.9Infliximab82720.1Remission (CS)
5M23EC+-< 2 mo-I2351.5Infliximab55980.1Near remission (CS)
6M28C--2 mo-I882.5Infliximab68590.5Near remission (CS)
7F77C--1 yr and 10 mo-R23313.8Infliximab49390Remission (CS and BE)
8M30C+-6 mo-I2814.6Infliximab50390.1Remission (CS)
9M55C++8 mo-I1721.0Infliximab46670.5Remission (CS and BE)
10M19EC+-4 mo-I1470.8Infliximab43400Remission (CS and BE)
11F21EC-+3 mo-I3356.0Infliximab49470.3Improved still active (CS and BE)
12F50E--1 mo-I4885.1Infliximab43530Remission (CS)
13M28C--3 mo-I520.6Infliximab5020Remission (CS)
14M19EC++2 yr and 1 mo-I1930.8Infliximab43350Near remission (CS and BE)
15M29C+-1 yr and 4 mo-I1260.2Infliximab4380Improved still active (CS)
16M30C+-1 yr and 1 mo-I21111.8Infliximab47280.8Near remission (CS and BE)
17F21EC-+6 yr and 2 mo-R5443.7Infliximab46640.3Improved still active (BE)
18F45EC--13 yr+R, PO 21st d1430.2Metronidazole191050.1NT
19M21EC++2 yr-I, PO 13th d2171.1Metronidazole181660.1NT
20M34EC--17 yr-R, PO 12th d1460Metronidazole241080.1NT
21M25C-+13 yr-R, PO 17th d3727.1Metronidazole211490NT
22F23EC--8 yr-R, PO 25th d1518.0Metronidazole831410.8NT