Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. Apr 14, 2010; 16(14): 1804-1807
Published online Apr 14, 2010. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v16.i14.1804
Table 1 Characteristics of affected patients in English and Japanese literature
AuthorAge (yr)/sexSymptomFoodIntake to onsetSite of intussusceptionOperationTenderness/palpable mass/ascites/US/CT/eosinophilic granuloma/anti-anisakis antibodyReduction of intussusceptionAnisakis body
Hayashi et al[19]61/MLeft lower abdominal painSliced raw mackerelHalf a dayJejunumPartial jejunectomy+/-/ND/-/-/+/+NDIn the resected specimen
Kim et al[20]38/MGeneral abdominal painMarinated mackerelHalf a dayIleocecumIleocecal resection+/+/-/+/+/+/+Failure, barium enemaIn the resected specimen
Mitani et al[21]66/MLower abdominal painSalted squid cuttlefishSeveral hoursSigmoid colonSigmoidectomy+/+/-/ND/+/+/NDSuccess, barium enemaOn the resected specimen
Iwakami et al[22]46/FGeneral abdominal pain, nauseaMarinated mackerelHalf a dayJejunumPartial jejunectomy+/-/-/+/+/+/NDNDIn the resected specimen
Hirano et al[23]35/FEpigastralgiaSliced raw mackerel1 dJejunumPartial jejunectomy+/-/+/+/+/+/NDFailure, barium enemaOn the resected specimen
Kanisawa et al[18]67/MSevere upper abdominal pain and vomitingRaw squid2 dAscending colonNone+/+/ND/+/ND/-/NDSuccessRemoved under colonoscopy
Sugiyama et al[24]71/MGeneral abdominal painHorse mackerel1 dTransverse colonTransverse colectomy+/-/-/+/+/+/NDFailure, barium enemaOn the resected specimen
Hamanaka et al[25]47/MGeneral abdominal painSalmon and salmon caviar7 dIleocecumIleocecal resection+/-/+/+/+/+/+Failure, barium enemaIn the resected specimen
Tsuji et al[26]56/FEpigastralgia, nauseaVinegared sardineHalf a dayJejunumPartial jejunectomy+/-/+/+/+/+/NDNDIn the resected specimen
Chikamori et al[17]54/FSevere upper abdominal pain and vomitRaw bonito2 dJejunumLaparoscopic jejunectomy+/-/+/+/+/ND/NDNDOn the resected specimen
Hibi et al[27]35/MEpigastralgia, nauseaSliced raw cuttlefishSeveral hoursJejunumPartial jejunectomy+/-/-/ND/+/+/NDNDIn the resected specimen
Present case41/MSevere right lower abdominal painMarinated mackerel1 dAscending colonIleocecal resection+/+/+/+/+/+/+FailureIn the resected specimen