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World J Gastroenterol. Mar 14, 2009; 15(10): 1153-1161
Published online Mar 14, 2009. doi: 10.3748/wjg.15.1153
Table 2 In-vivo effects of antioxidants on pancreatic islets
Thomas et al[23], 2007Peptide SS-31 (3 mg/kg)Mice → MiceInjection of SS-31 to donor mouse + adding SS-31 during islet isolationBetter glucose control after transplant
Avila et al[29], 2005L-glutamine (5 mmol/L)Human → RatTransplantation of human islets which were treated before with/without intraductal L-glutamine to nude ratsNormoglycemia percentage ↑ (83% vs 26%) Time to reach normoglycemia ↓ (1.83 d vs 7.6 d)
Brown et al[40], 2005Pyruvate Vitamin E Vitamin CRat → RatOral administration of pyruvate, vitamin E and vitamin C during perioperative periodPyruvate enhanced engraftment & functionality of suboptimal islet mass Vitamin E and vitamin C failed to enhance
Olcott et al[41], 2004Salen-manganese [EUK-8] (100 mg/kg)Mice → MiceDaily treatment with/without EUK-8 (IP injection) to recipient NOD miceBetter glucose control until 20 d after transplant
Winter et al[42], 2002Vitamin A (500 μg) Ascorbic Acid (40 mg) Vitamin E (10.6 mg) Selenium (2 μg)Rat → RatOral antioxidants, 24 h prior to transplantationSlight better glucose control
Bottino et al[43], 2002SOD mimetic compound (34 μmol/L)Human → MiceCulture of isolated islet in the presence of SOD mimetic for at least 2 h before transplantationBetter glucose control
Hardikar et al[35], 2001Taurine (0.3 & 3 mmol/L)Rat → MiceTransplantation of islets which were previously cryopreserved with/without taurineNo significant difference was observed
Tajiri et al[37], 1999Vitamin E (40 mg/kg)Rat → RatEvery other day IP injection of vitamin E to transplanted ratsTreatment for 2 not for 6 wk enhanced basal insulin release and arginine induced insulin release
Vajkoczy et al[44], 1997Vitamin E (150, 8000 mg/kg)Rat → RatOral vitamin E after xenograftReduction of xenograft leukocyte- endothelium interaction at day 6 Adequate development of functional capillary density
Gembal et al[45], 1993Allopurinol Vitamin E ChlorpromazineRat → RatTransplantation of islets which were pretreated with/without combination of allopurinol, alpha-tocopherol and chlorpromazine.Better glucose control after 3 d