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World J Gastroenterol. Jul 21, 2008; 14(27): 4280-4288
Published online Jul 21, 2008. doi: 10.3748/wjg.14.4280
Table 1 Role of cytokines and cell lines involved in their production in patients with IBD
CytokineUCCDCells involved in the production
IL-1βIL-1ra/IL-1 ratioIL-1ra/IL-1 ratioMacrophages
IL-6Up-regulatedUp-regulatedMacrophages, DC, Th17 and others
IL-18NotYes, not in all patientsMacrophages
TGF-βNot clear, maybe defective signallingNot clear, maybe defective signallingTh0, Th3, Treg
IL-10Not clearYes, up-regulatedTr1 and Breg
IL-4Not clearNot clearTh2, NK
IL-12Up-regulatedUp-regulatedMacrophages, DC
IL-23YesYesMacrophages, DC
IL-27Not clearUp-regulatedAPCs
IL-13Up-regulatedNotTh1, NK
IL-5Up-regulatedNotTh2, NK