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World J Gastroenterol. Jun 28, 2008; 14(24): 3798-3803
Published online Jun 28, 2008. doi: 10.3748/wjg.14.3798
Table 1 Summary of case series of SEMS placement for gastric outlet obstruction (%)
AuthorsYrStudy designnTechnical successClinical successMajor complications (early and late)
de Baere et al[18]1997Prospective101009428
Bethge et al[19]1998Prospective610010033
Jung et al[20]2000Prospective199510026
Pinto Pabon et al[21]2001Prospective311009010
Kim et al[22]2001Prospective29909629
Lopera et al[23]2001Prospective16948119
Profili et al[24]2001Prospective151009314
Lee et al[25]2001Prospective1187820
Espinel et al[26]2001Prospective61001000
Jung et al[27]2002Prospective39979536
Jeong et al[28]2002Prospective181009428
Schiefke et al[29]2003Prospective20100100nr
Holt et al[30]2004Prospective28939321
Huang et al[31]2007Prospective141008614
Kim et al[32]2007Prospective213949421
Lee et al[33]2007Prospective111009118
Lowe et al[34]2007Prospective87978710
Maetani et al[35]2007Prospective37979419
Song et al[36]2004Retrospective10299849
Telford et al[37]2004Retrospective17697849
Bessoud et al[38]2005Retrospective72979015