Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 7, 2008; 14(1): 132-135
Published online Jan 7, 2008. doi: 10.3748/wjg.14.132
Table 2 Reported cases of anaplastic carcinoma occuring in association with MCNs
NoAuthor (reference)Case (age/sex)DiagnosisAnaplastic carcinoma
Outcome (survival time)
TumorlocationSize (cm)Spindle cellGiant cellAdeno-carcinomaInvasionlymphatic involvementDistant metastasis
1Compagno J[3]32/FAnaplastic carcinoma derived from MCNBodyNDNDND+NDND-Dead (3 yr)
2Gracia Rego JA[4]45/FMucinous cystadenocarcinoma with pseudosarcomatous mural nodulesBody-tail11+ND+CapsuleND-Dead (16 mo)
3Hartz PH[5]56/FCystadenocarcinoma with anaplasiaTail6++NDCapsule, peripan-creatic nerveNDLiver, peri-toneumDead (autopsy)
4Lane RB[6]25/FAnaplastic carcinoma with MCNTail, liver, lymph node15+-+ND+LiverND
5Logan SE[7]23/FPleomorhic adenocarcinoma originated from MCNBody-tail17+ND+Stomach+LiverDead (1 mo)
6Marinho A[8]70/FMucinous cystadenocarcinoma with a mural nodule of anaplastic carcinomaBody-tail4.5NDND+CapsuleND-ND
7Sommers SC[9]48/MCystadenocarcinoma with foci of pleomorphic carcinomaNDNDND++ND+-Dead (6 mo)
8Tsujimura T[11]43/FMalignant histiocytoma with mucinous cystadenomaTail16++NDNDND-ND
91WenigBM[12]67/MMCN with sarcoma stromaTail19+ND+NDNDNDDead (15 mo)
101Wenig BM[12]48/FMCN with sarcoma stromaTailND+ND+NDNDNDAlive (12 mo)
111Wenig BM[12]65/FMCN with sarcoma stromaTail, peritoneum30+ND+VascularNDOmentum, pleuraDead (9 mo)
12Hakamada K39/FAnaplastic carcinoma with recurrent MCN, borderline-typeTail5+++---Alive (4 yr)