Liver Cancer
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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 28, 2007; 13(40): 5299-5305
Published online Oct 28, 2007. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v13.i40.5299
Figure 2
Figure 2 Silibinin's effects on proliferation of HCC cells. After HuH7 cells were treated with silibinin at IC25 and IC50 doses, immunoprecipitation (IP) and immunoblots (IB) were performed in triplicate for each specimen. A mean densitometer reading was expressed in the respective box and used for statistical analysis. A: β-actin for internal control; B: Ki-67; C: CD1/CDK4 complex; D: p-Rb; E: E2F1-DP1 complex; F: p21Waf1/Cip1; G: p27Kip1; H: p21Waf1/Cip/CDK4 complex; I: p27Kip1/CDK4 complex. aP < 0.05, bP < 0.01, vs control.