Rapid Communication
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World J Gastroenterol. Mar 7, 2006; 12(9): 1463-1467
Published online Mar 7, 2006. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v12.i9.1463
Table 3 Correlated analysis of DRPU and 5 MFs of the previous month, ten days, and five days
Related DRPUGroupRelated coefficientP value
Average monthly temperature71-0.6621<o.o1
Average ten-day temperature215-0.6302<o.o1
Average five-day temperature431-0.5324<o.o1
Average monthly highest temperature71-0.6291<o.o1
Average ten-day highest temperature215-0.6097<o.o1
Average five-day highest temperature431-0.5123<o.o1
Average monthly lowest temperature71-0.6781<o.o1
Average ten-day lowest temperature215-0.6350<o.o1
Average five-day lowest temperature431-0.5348<o.o1
Average monthly air pressure710.7628<o.o1
Average ten-day air pressure2150.5942<o.o1
Average five-day air pressure4310.4840<o.o1
Average monthly dew point temperature71-0.7220<o.o1
Average ten-day dew point temperature215-0.6171<o.o1
Average five-day dew point temperature431-0.5077<o.o1