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World J Gastroenterol. Jul 7, 2005; 11(25): 3817-3822
Published online Jul 7, 2005. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v11.i25.3817
Table 4 RCTs of immunotherapy
AuthorsTreatment protocolSample size(Tx/Ctl)ObservationtimeDFS Tx vs CtlOS Tx vs CtlConclusions
Lygidakis et al[8]Surgery+post-operative HAI40 (20/20)3 yrNAMedianBeneficial
immunochemotherapy20 vs 11 (mo)
vs surgery alone(P < 0.05)
Lygidakis et al[33]Post-operatively locoregional45 (33/15)NANAMedianBeneficial
immunochemotherapy vs20.3 vs 9.9 (mo)
post-operatively locoregional
Lygidakis et al[34]Locoregional chemoimmunotherapy122 (62/60)NA2-yr2-yr 92% vs 75%Beneficial
with systemic chemotherapy vs66% vs 48%5-yr 73% vs 60%
systemic immunochemotherapy
Elias et al[35]Preoperative rIL-2 continuous19 (12/7)NANANABeneficial
intravenous infusion(well tolerated
and reverse
Gardini et al[36]Post-operative TIL+IL-245 (25/22)NA1-, 3-, and 5- yr1-, 3-, and 5-yrNot beneficial
vs post-operative+chemotherapyNo differenceNo difference