Clinical Research
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World J Gastroenterol. May 28, 2005; 11(20): 3091-3098
Published online May 28, 2005. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v11.i20.3091
Table 2 Summary of efficacy and safety results (including important subgroup analyses).
ParameterRabeprazole 10 mg (d)Esomeprazole 20 mg (d)PResult
Primary efficacy variables
Time to 24-h symptom-free interval-HB8.5 d9 d0.265NS
Time to 24-h symptom-free interval-RG6.0 d7.5 d0.405NS
Secondary efficacy variables
Time to 48-h symptom-free interval-HB9.5 d8.5 d0.373NS
Time to 48-h symptom-free interval-RG8.5 d11 d0.271NS
W1-W4-satisfactory relief DT or NT-HB>0.05NS
W1-W4-satisfactory relief DT or NT-RG>0.05NS
W1-W4-satisfactory relief DT-HB & RG40.0454Rabeprazole superior4
W1-W4-complete relief DT or NT-HB>0.05NS
W1-W4-complete relief DT or NT-RG>0.05NS
W1-W4-early satiety-0.26-0.320.178NS
Symptom severity score-D1-5-DT HBP<0.05 (D2-5)1P<0.05 (D3-5)1NS2
Symptom severity score-D1-5-NT HBP<0.05 (D2-5)1NS1NS3
Symptom severity score-D1-5-DT RGP<0.05 (D1-5)1P<0.05 (D1-5)1NS
Symptom severity score-D1-5-NT RGP<0.05 (D5 only)1P<0.05 (D2 only)1NS
Patient’s global evaluation (%)96.487.90.823NS
Antacid use-weekly average0.150.160.887NS
Antacid use-% antacid free85.784.90.848NS
Adverse events2218.2>0.05NS