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Prof. Piero Portincasa is Professor of Internal Medicine and Head of the Academic Division of Internal Medicine, Clinica Medica “A. Murri”, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology, University Medical School and Regional Hospital in Bari, Italy. He served as the President of the European Society for Clinical Investigation (ESCI, Home | ESCI (2011-15) and is currently the President of the ESCI Trust. After receiving his education as MD and Internist in Bari, he was research fellow in London (UK), PhD student in Utrecht (Netherlands), and visiting scientist in Boston (USA). He was awarded the Laurea H. Causa by the “C. Davila” University (Bucharest, Romania) and “I. Hatieganu” University (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) in 2013 and by the “G.E. Palade” University (Targu-Mures) in 2018 for the longstanding collaborative actions in research and teaching. He is President of the Regional Section of Italian Society for the Study of Atherosclerosis,  Member of the Apulian Academy of Sciences and has served as Secretary councillor for the Italian Society Internal Medicine (2013-17). In 2018 he was recipient of the 2018 ESCI Albert Struyvenberg Medal. He is member of the PhD Board in “Public Health, Clinical Medicine and Oncology” in Bari. The mission of Prof. Portincasa is: “To encourage excellent, honest, highly innovative and sound clinical science through collaborations and mobility of young investigators across Europe and worldwide”. Over the years he has been teaching research and clinical methodology to undergraduate and postgraduate students. He implemented the ERASMUS+ mobility program as Medicine Delegate and Vice-Rector and he has been the inspirer of the the 6-yr English Medical Curriculum in Bari, which is now receiving students from several countries worldwide every year, including Tunisia, South Korea, UK, India, USA. He worked on networking with several international research and teaching centers leading to spread of methodology courses at ESCI in collaboration with other scientific societies. Prof Portincasa has a remarkable and consistent scientific output testified by studies in translational research heavily dipping into clinical medicine (see Scientific output at Pubmed  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=portincasa+p) with over 500 highly-ranked publications and more than 9,000 citations. He is also editor of several book chapters and books in the field of Internal Medicine. His background covers the research areas in rare diseases (Familial Mediterranean Fever), clinical aspects of COVID-19 pandemia, metabolic disorders, fatty liver, gallstone disease, lipid disorders. He developed several translational studies dealing with aquaporin (AQP)-mediated water transport in the intestine and liver, gastrointestinal motility and microbiota. He has several clinical and teaching responsibilities and is regularly invited speaker at several national and international events. He is reviewer of several national and international projects, as well as Assistant editor/reviewer for international scientific journal. He will be the organizer of the ESCI Annual Scientific Meeting in Bari, 2022. He is currently Principal Investigator of the Horizon 2020 Marie Curie project ‘Foie Gras’ (About – PROJECT FOIE GRAS), focused on improving the molecular, mitochondrial, cellular and clinical aspects of fatty liver disease using simple lifestyles, including the Mediterranean diet, and and trying to export the model worldwide in a near future. He is serving as Section Editor in Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology for the European J Clinical Investigation.