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I have a long experience on research on gastrointestinal tract and microbiology. I started my research career in 1992 by doing my BSc- theses on ‘Colonization of Lactobacillus GG in the gastrointestinal tract of human and rat’. As a continuation, my MSc and PhD theses gave novel knowledge on probiotic bacteria, their influence on intestinal antigen handling and regulation of immune responses. I have worked also as a microbiologist and taught microbiology in university many years. Between the years 2001 and 2007 my main research goal was to develop PCR applications in the field of immunogenetics. Since the year 2008, I have been head of a molecular microbiology laboratory and develop quantitative PCR methods for oral and intestinal bacteria. I got my adjunct professorship in molecular biology last year. The first PhD dissertation under my supervision on gut microbes and alchohol liver cirrhosis will be completed in September 2014.