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Since 1995, the service of gastroenterology at the hospital La Rabta was interested in the chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Its head of department, Professor Azza Filali, focused her scientific interests on the topics related to the patients with IBD. With her expertise in this pathology, she has established a series of platforms for clinical evaluation, diagnostics and therapeutics. She developed a medical team that interested in genetics, nutritional, biological and treatment of IBD. This service is the first in our country that studied the genetic polymorphisms association with IBD and the first that introduced the biotherapy to treat IBD patients. There is collaboration with many other nationally laboratory and service to support patients and coordinate and participate in several national projects, served as an evaluation expert for organizations such as the symposium of MICI since 17 years. There is collaboration with international laboratory such as the CEPH in France and these studies are published in numerous SCI journal papers and book chapters. Actually an association group of IBD is in creation to support patient as regards the social, economic, professional and psychological aspects. Research studies will continue in this service to improve the care of IBD patients.