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Late 19th century, football developed from folk and royalty to a new phase, that is modern football stage. Queen Street Fremont Mason Hotels in London October 26, 1863, the British established the world's first football association: Football Association of England. May 21, 1904, the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA, the English abbreviation for FIFA) was founded, football began to establish uniform rules and standards on a global scale. Has a number of official games, soccer shoes synchronization, the beginning of football shoes and no uniform requirement, and some boots weighing more than a pound, the appearance of the materials are not the same, so athletes also often appear in the game of unsuitable shoes to injured or injured each other. Into the early 20th century, began with the large-scale production of soccer shoes, which shoes football match rules to create the conditions within a certain range, the first soccer shoes mass-produced brand of Gola, Valsport, Hummel, Gola in 1905 to produce the world's first queen handmade leather soccer shoes manually until today but also in the United Kingdom GOLA museum also holds a pair of this century is the oldest the GOLA leather handmade football shoes for people to enjoy . The first half of the 20th century, can be said that the beginning of the footballer really touch and feel professional soccer shoes.
Interchangeable spikes Into the mid-20th century, two brothers in Germany changed the definition of football shoes, but also created two now world-renowned sports brand Adidas and Puma Dassler brothers.
They created a replaceable spikes, separated from the body of the shoe and soccer shoes spikes, studs can be screwed to the body of the shoe tighten the players in the game to replace the spikes of appropriate length and material depending on the site conditions, shoes players help. Two brothers teamed operating to the separation of confrontation, of painstaking research and development in soccer shoes, the way in marketing innovation and try. 1929 Nike Soccer Shoes AdiDassler invented the first bipedal shoes, this pair of shoes weighs 500 grams, leather outsole and studs, and with the tack strip edging. Appearance stereotypes
In 1954, far ahead of other brands Adidas soccer shoes designed the first pair of low-waist, soft, lightweight football shoes with nylon rotation embedded spikes, football shoes become a revolutionary, a major breakthrough in the history of soccer shoes. Since then, the appearance of the basic shape of soccer shoes, the latest soccer shoes on the market are all based on this model to transform. 1958, the vast majority of players were wearing Adidas soccer shoes to participate in the competition, the Puma through sponsorship Bailey, Eusebio great success. Listed the Puma King in 1968 and listed in 1979, Adidas Copa Mundial is the world's largest-selling soccer shoes, sufficient to permit the contribution of informed Chrysler Brothers on the soccer shoes. Damping technology
In the 70's and 80's, Umbro, Lotto, Diadora, Reebok, Asics, Mizuno have begun to enter the market competition of soccer shoes, also achieved good results. Nike Soccer Shoes as the last one to enter the American sports giant soccer shoes market, but now it has achieved extraordinary share, have admirable. 1978, inflatable air cushion for the first time used in the footwear industry, but within a very short period of time, several large brand shoe company will use this technology to football shoes, and some manufacturers also refer to the car damping steel plate design, use a light fine hard and carbon fiber. Damping, Nike occupy the absolute dominance of the market is what they later will be the first damping technology Zoom references to soccer shoes. Puma Cell cushioning technology embedded into the the Pires design Nike Soccer Shoes.
The friction Article technology
1994 was a particularly noteworthy year, adidas Predator (Falcon) series grand debut in the World Cup in the United States, the upper bulge thick rubber friction strips to become the most representative shape signs of previous generations Falcon. Falcon series is by far the most representative football shoes, Adidas football shoes design and manufacturing effort devoted most, as of 2009, the Falcon series of football shoes have been developed to the tenth generation, Falcon has almost become soccer shoes synonymous. With the launch of the "Falcon" series, two new design also will be born, that is folding cover the tongue and the foot part of the fin-shaped rubber design. Zidane, Rui Costa, Paul Gascoigne, David Beckham, the midfielder also has made great contributions to the development of the Falcon series.
Natural feet Lace
1998 in order to meet the 98 World Cup, Adidas launched a product called Accelerator soccer shoes. In this pair of shoes was first introduced in the rage of natural feet technology, There is also the first use of the asymmetrical lace design. The concept of natural feet technology to make the wearer feel very comfortable, as if tied directly to step on the ground. This is actually a outsole technology, the sole ground only a few points, logo on the outsole small feet face. However, this technique is not Adidas research and development, but developed by another company. Adidas dissatisfaction eventually stop production due to the high cost of natural feet, so the natural feet Series soccer shoes.
The asymmetrical lacing way that tilt design, the front end of the sole at the rear flat design. The front inclined portion remains parallel to the angle of force direction and toes with the shoelace shoes forefoot force enhanced synchronization. In the instep straight parts of the design to ensure reliable vamp and instep perfect fit, perfect fit and foot force is exactly the same, to ensure the flexibility of the foot, but also ensure that the feet can effectively force . This technique is still in use.