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Common stemness regulators of embryonic and cancer... 2015-10-30
Autologous tissue patch rich in stem cells created... 2015-09-25
Complement activation in the context of stem cells... 2015-09-25
Emerging role of microRNAs in cancer stem cells: I... 2015-09-25
Easily-handled method to isolate mesenchymal stem ... 2015-09-25
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The World Journal of Stem Cells Editorial Board consists of 718 members, representing a team of worldwide experts in infectious diseases. They are from 44 countries, including Argentina(2), Australia(10), Austria(6), Belgium(3), Brazil(10), Canada(16), China(74), Cyprus(1), Czech Republic(5), Denmark(7), Egypt(2), Finland(3), France(19), Germany(36), Greece(1), Hungary(3), India(10), Iran(9), Ireland(3), Israel(10), Italy(52), Japan(55), Jordan(1), Malaysia(1), Mexico(1), Morocco(1), Netherlands(8), Norway(3), Portugal(1), Romania(1), Russia(3), Singapore(19), Slovakia(1), South Korea(45), Spain(17), Sweden(4), Switzerland(4), Thailand(1), Tunisia(1), Turkey(5), United Arab Emirates(1), United Kingdom(29), United States(233), and Venezuela(1).