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Contents  Volume 12 Issue 20 28 May, 2006 
Management of parastomal ulcers.
Yeo H, Abir F, Longo WE.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3133-3137
Surgical perspectives in gastrointestinal disease: From the editor.
Geibel J, Longo W.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3138-3138
Advances in alimentary tract imaging.
Maglinte DD, Sandrasegaran K, Tann M.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3139-3145
Controversies in the treatment of common anal problems.
Sagap I, Remzi FH.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3146-3154
Controversies in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux and achalasia.
Roberts KE, Duffy AJ, Bell RL.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3155-3161
Choledocholithiasis: Evolving standards for diagnosis and management.
Freitas ML, Bell RL, Duffy AJ.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3162-3167
Treatment strategies in obstructed defecation and fecal incontinence.
Khaikin M, Wexner SD.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3168-3173
Gastrointestinal manifestations of endocrine disease.
Maser C, Toset A, Roman S.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3174-3179
Less common neoplasms of the pancreas.
Mulkeen AL, Yoo PS, Cha C.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3180-3185
Modern management of rectal cancer: A 2006 update.
Balch GC, De-Meo A, Guillem JG.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3186-3195
Update on obesity surgery.
Eisenberg D, Duffy AJ, Bell RL.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3196-3203
Pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.
Diefenbach KA, Breuer CK.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3204-3212
Surgical perspectives in gastrointestinal disease: A study of quality of life outcomes in esophageal, pancreatic, colon, and rectal cancers.
Viola KV, Ariyan C, Sosa JA.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3213-3218
Evolution of surgical skills training.
Roberts KE, Bell RL, Duffy AJ.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3219-3224
Management of diverticular disease is changing.
Floch MH, White JA.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3225-3228
Role of calcium and other trace elements in the gastrointestinal physiology.
Kirchhoff P, Geibel JP.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3229-3236
Updates on esophageal and gastric cancers.
Gallo A, Cha C.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3237-3242
Update in management of mesenteric ischemia.
Chang RW, Chang JB, Longo WE.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3243-3247
Surgical perspectives in peptic ulcer disease and gastritis.
Lipof T, Shapiro D, Kozol RA.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3248-3252
Evolution in the treatment of metastatic colorectal carcinoma of the liver.
Ariyan CE, Salem RR.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3253-3258
Ethical tensions in solid organ transplantation: The price of success.
Kulkarni S, Cronin DC.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3259-3264
Hepatic perfusion disorders: Etiopathogenesis and related diseases.
Tian JL, Zhang JS.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3265-3270
Effects of nucleus ambiguus and dorsal motor nuclei of vagus on gastric H+ and HCO3- secretion in rats.
Zhang XY, Ai HB, Cui XY.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3271-3274
Direct ex vivo analysis of dendritic cells in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.
Ormandy LA, Farber A, Cantz T, Petrykowska S, Wedemeyer H, Horning M, Lehner F, Manns MP, Korangy F, Greten TF.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3275-3282
Investigation of HER-2 codon 655 single nucleotide polymorphism frequency and c-ErbB-2 protein expression alterations in gastric cancer patients.
Satiroglu-Tufan NL, Bir F, Calli-Demirkan N.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3283-3287
Ultrasonic interventional analgesia in pancreatic carcinoma with chemical destruction of celiac ganglion.
Wang T, Tian FZ, Cai ZH, Li X, Cheng T, Shi L, Cheng Q.
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3288-3291
Acknowledgments to Reviewers of World Journal of Gastroenterology.
, .
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3292-3292
, .
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3293-3293
Instructions to authors.
, .
World J Gastroenterol 12(20):3294-3296

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