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New IF of World Journal of Gastroenterology for 2009 is 2.092.
World J Gastroenterol
2011 Volume 17
Contents  Volume 17 Issue 1 7 January, 2011 
Peroral cholangioscopy in the new millennium.
Parsi MA.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):1-6
Imaging techniques used for the real-time assessment of angiogenesis in digestive cancers.
Saftoiu A, Vilmann P.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):7-8
Autofluorescence imaging and magnification endoscopy.
Filip M, Iordache S, Saftoiu A, Ciurea T.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):9-14
Optical coherence tomography and Doppler optical coherence tomography in the gastrointestinal tract.
Osiac E, Saftoiu A, Gheonea DI, Mandrila I, Angelescu R.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):15-20
Confocal laser endomicroscopy and immunoendoscopy for real-time assessment of vascularization in gastrointestinal malignancies.
Gheonea DI, Cartana T, Ciurea T, Popescu C, Badarau A, Saftoiu A.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):21-27
Contrast-enhanced and targeted ultrasound.
Postema M, Gilja OH.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):28-41
Contrast-enhanced endoscopic ultrasonography.
Reddy NK, Ioncica AM, Saftoiu A, Vilmann P, Bhutani MS.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):42-48
Hybrid ultrasound imaging techniques (fusion imaging).
Sandulescu DL, Dumitrescu D, Rogoveanu I, Saftoiu A.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):49-52
Optical molecular imaging for detection of Barrett's-associated neoplasia.
Thekkek N, Anandasabapathy S, Richards-Kortum R.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):53-62
New endoscopic approaches in IBD.
Neumann H, Neurath MF, Mudter J.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):63-68
S100A4 over-expression underlies lymph node metastasis and poor prognosis in colorectal cancer.
Huang LY, Xu Y, Cai GX, Guan ZQ, Sheng WQ, Lu HF, Xie LQ, Lu HJ, Cai SJ.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):69-78
MiRNA profile in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: Downregulation of miR-143 and miR-145.
Wu BL, Xu LY, Du ZP, Liao LD, Zhang HF, Huang Q, Fang GQ, Li EM.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):79-88
Impact of diet on long-term decline in gastric cancer incidence in Poland.
Jarosz M, Sekula W, Rychlik E, Figurska K.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):89-97
Endoscopic management of occluded biliary uncovered metal stents: A multicenter experience.
Katsinelos P, Beltsis A, Chatzimavroudis G, Paikos D, Paroutoglou G, Kapetanos D, Terzoudis S, Lazaraki G, Pilpilidis I, Fasoulas K, Atmatzidis S, Zavos C, Kountouras J.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):98-104
Effect of ginger on gastric motility and symptoms of functional dyspepsia.
Hu ML, Rayner CK, Wu KL, Chuah SK, Tai WC, Chou YP, Chiu YC, Chiu KW, Hu TH.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):105-110
Protection of the liver against CCl4-induced injury by intramuscular electrotransfer of a kallistatin-encoding plasmid.
Diao Y, Zhao XF, Lin JS, Wang QZ, Xu RA.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):111-117
Risk factors and gene polymorphisms of inflammatory bowel disease in population of Zhejiang, China.
Wang ZW, Ji F, Teng WJ, Yuan XG, Ye XM.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):118-122
Surgical vs percutaneous radiofrequency ablation for hepatocellular carcinoma in dangerous locations.
Huang JW, Hernandez-Alejandro R, Croome K, Yan LN, Wu H, Chen ZY, Prasoon P, Zeng Y.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):123-129
Foregut duplication cysts: A report of two cases with emphasis on embryogenesis.
Khoury T, Rivera L.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):130-134
Duplicated appendix complicated by appendiceal cancer.
Freeman HJ.
World J Gastroenterol 17(1):135-136

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